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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do I Have To Go To Bed Yet?

I’m Really Not Tired by Lori Sunshine; illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler
This fun, curious picture book asks the very important question “what do our parents do when we go to sleep?” Certain that his parents have all kinds of fun once he’s tucked safely into bed, Samuel McKay decides to sneak out of bed with his accomplice Petey Bear, a panda stuffed animal, to catch the excitement once and for all. Images of Sam and Petey Bear sliding down the stairs and creeping down hallways are interspersed with Sam’s imagination: maybe they play video games and eat cake, have a circus act in the kitchen, or ride dinosaurs in the yard! When he finds his parents quietly doing the crossword and reading magazines, Sam is utterly disappointed, and decides he just must have missed the good stuff--he sneak out of bed earlier next time.
Sunshine’s narrations are done in rhyme and rhythm that are at times reminiscent of classic Dr. Seuss and The Night Before Christmas, and most of it works pretty well. In my opinion, though, the best part is the illustrations. Ebbeler's pastel pictures are fun and colorful, and he's hidden hilarious images and hints around every page. If you look closely, Sam’s bedroom at the beginning suggests imaginings to come as it’s littered with a toy rocket, a fish tank, jungle sheets, to name a few. Kids will enjoy scouring the pages for new details each reading, which (hopefully) will encourage them to read on their own. It would also work well as a classroom read-aloud--the lilting rhymes make it fun and easy for kids to follow.
It's a great bedtime story that's sure to trigger fun, fanciful dreams, and the grown-ups reading it will laugh out loud just as easily as their kids.


Age 4-8
Copyright November 2008
ISBN: 9780979974618
Image from www.flashlightpress.com

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