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Monday, May 2, 2011

Author Spotlight: Interview with Inara Scott

Give a warm welcome to Inara Scott, our first author on the blog! We interviewed Inara about her series The Delcroix Academy (Jenny reviewed book one, The Candidates, back in March). Here's what she had to say.
On your website your advice to writers is to keep writing and trying, no matter the rejections. How long did it take for someone to buy your book—was it a long journey?

Author Inara Scott (www.inarascott.com)
 You know, it’s hard to say. I started writing in 2005 and sold in 2008, three books and over a hundred   rejections later. Some may say that’s short, some may say that’s long! The hardest part of the journey was actually the time after the sale. It took almost 3 years after the sale of The Candidates for it to be released.
Where did the idea for Dancia’s power come from, and why do you think it fits her character so well?
To me, the real significance of Dancia’s power isn’t exactly what it is or how it works (which is very fun, and you’ll find fleshed out further in the second book in the series!), but the fact that it brings with it serious consequences. One of the main themes I try to explore in this series is that life is never black and white; even when Dancia tries to do good, she often ends up causing harm. The need to accept responsibility for our choices, no matter how tangled and complicated they may be, was really the jumping off point for the series. 
Any hints on the kinds of powers we might see develop in current/future characters? (Pretty please?)
Hmmm…let’s see…fire, animals, flight, sound. How about that? J
You say you “fear deep, intellectual books and love romance and fantasies.” As far as we can tell, you’ve managed to include some pretty interesting—and “deep”—questions in Dancia’s ponderings, so how do you distinguish the two?
Oh my, that’s a great question! I think what I’m most scared of is a book with lots of hidden meaning and symbolism that I’m suppose to “get” and don’t. (Perhaps what I really have is a literature insecurity complex – LOL! ) I like to read great stories with engaging characters, and love it when deep questions arise naturally out of those stories. I would like to think that Dancia’s experience raises important questions for readers – but I’m also totally comfortable if they just take away from it a fun story about a girl with superpowers.
What draws you into fantasies the most?
Another great question. I think I like fantasies for the same reason I love romance novels: they take me deep into my imagination and let me live out my dreams.
What did you like to read growing up and why? Anything you couldn’t stand?
I read mostly historical romances and fantasies, with a bit of science fiction mixed in for good measure. I refused (and still refuse) to read scary books (no horror for me!) and have never liked books with sad endings. By the way, this is part of the reason I fear those deep, intellectual books. They usually end badly.
I think I’m just too easily influenced by things I read – scary things REALLY freak me out, and sad things REALLY mess me up. I have a hard time separating real life from literature. I think I would be just as scared by reading a book about a serial killer as I would be by actually being chased by one. J 
Okay, just for fun: please finish the following scene in 250 words or less (unless you get really into it, in which case we won’t complain!).
"She could hear water dripping from the stalactites above as she worked her way deeper into the cavern. Looking over her shoulder, she caught a glimmer of light behind, and her breath quickened..."
…That was it, then. They’d found her.
 Game on.
She pressed ahead as quickly as she could, brushing aside beads of sweat as they formed on her brow. She wondered who they had sent after her. Was it Talon, black eyes cold and furious, trailing behind her? Or worse, was it Ranger? Did he remember what had happened the last time they’d met like this?
Perhaps, considering the consequences, it would be better if he did not…
A huge thank you to Ms. Scott for putting up with our pesky questions and giving us juicy teasers to keep us going until the next book! Be sure to check out The Candidates if you haven't already; the rest of us will be eagerly awaiting the next book in the series, The Watchers, expected to be released August 2, 2011.

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